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31 October 1977
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Welcome to The Reviews. I have closed this journal as a movie review journal, it is now a regular journal. I now have my own blog at http://the-reviewer.net You can click there and check out my site for movie reviews, I also have links to my feed below.


You can also add the syndication on live journal if you would like. This will allow you to read my feed in your friends page. Just click this link and add as friend.

I am The Reviewer, I write reviews mostly on movies, but will write them for anything that I feel needs to be reviewed. Each review will be followed by a star image, this is how you will know what it was rated. 5 is good, 1 is bad. I try to not tell you very much about the movie, I figure you all already know mostly what the movies are about, you are just looking for some sort of opinion.

Here at the reviews we believe in a few things...we believe that Disney doesn't like mothers, as they are portrayed as either dead, or evil. That the Aliens (of the Alien movies) have a self-destructive nature, and that eventually with their outwardly attacking nature will self-destruct and kill each other. Much like that of the Sith. We believe in Netflix and that it is the greatest invention of the last 10 years. We believe in the 80's, in John Hughes we trust. And most of all we believe in movies. That all movies are automatically good and must do bad things to get lower ratings, you do not have to prove to me that you movie is good, all you have to prove to me is that your movie isn't bad.

You may add me to your netflix friends if you like my netflix email is thedarksyde (at) austin (dot) rr (dot) com